A Few Words on the American Election

It’s a positive move for America, because it’s a shift away from suffocating liberalism and a re-affirmation of the country’s core values. Even if the election should have been between Cruz and Sanders, I think this was the best we could have hoped for otherwise.

It means that a certified lying criminal who defended a rapist for several decades, deleted classified emails and ignored requests for help from Benghazi, who was openly and obviously supported by the mainstream media, supports poisonous, excessively left-wing policies, and has based her campaign off the same smug post-historical attitude that all the other liberal candidates have had for the past several decades did not get elected. This also means America avoided probable war with Russia.

What they got instead was a populist, who has avoided paying tax for a ridiculous amount of time, has no prior political experience (which can be a positive or negative quality depending on your individual level of cynicism) and who has said some pretty abysmal stuff. But he’s not a criminal.

I’ll put the actual candidates aside, since they’re not important in and of themselves (consider how silly the Great Man Theory really is) and consider policy and the media.

Clinton would have continued to propagate the same Obama-style leftism that’s been tearing the nation in half on racial and economic bases for another four years, and the eventual populist backlash which would have come about at some point (and just happened to occur in this shape and form and in this time) would have been significantly worse.

This election is a demonstration of the people’s right to vote, the power of the silent majority, and the extent to which people are tired of abysmal, left-wing media sources pretending to be impartial. People won’t talk about it, but so many of them were sick of smug liberal attitudes and jokers like John Oliver who pretend to have real opinions while just spouting rhetoric and strawmanning the opposition as a collection of racist old white rednecks who lived in a Bible state and had various incestuous relationships, or as dumb hicks, etc etc.

Remember, Trump does have some talent, even if he doesn’t know anything about policy. He managed to maintain the Trump brand for over thirty years. Surely, there’s something a man like that can bring to the office – if not, then at least he can be a puppet for an ostensibly conservative government.

Trump’s election is an extension of the Brexit vote, a complete surprise to people who aren’t really tapped into what’s going on and what real people value. His initial slant was as a destroyer of political correctness – and I think he’s fantastic at doing that, even if he goes too far with many comments.

On policy, for God’s sake, I’m sick of all these comments about world wars and nuclear weapons. The jokes just aren’t funny, people. And they’re not likely, or accurate, or informed. Based off what Trump’s actually said, it’ll be a middle-of-the-road candidacy with the occasional embarrassing moment, whereupon the country will continue as before and the Republicans will remain in the higher courts.

It’s better than the alternative, which is an intensifying of an extreme situation where free speech was actually legitimately in danger on a national level, with the absolutely ridiculous pandering on college campuses. A Clinton presidency – also known as a “second Obama” would have just made the inevitable reaction more intense.

What would have been really ideal was a Cruz-Sanders race – both candidates legitimately believed what they were saying and possessed things that could conceivably be known as principles. Their clash would have sparked a real debate, based off policy, rather than a nine-month long faeces-flinging contest to see who could expose more dirt on the other guy before time was up.

Now that post-modernism and irony have finally entered the popular culture in the form of memes, it seems like it’s time to break away from all that poisonous, silly rubbish, and have a real conversation, conservatives and liberals, on the basic topics. Free trade. Abortion. International relations. The war in the Middle-East. The real loser in this election is the world stage, because we didn’t get that – we didn’t get a Cruz/Sanders race, a real debate, we just got awful dank memes about how racist Trump was and endless email jokes.

And so, the ebb and flow of each party’s control over western culture will continue out in the open. Post-historicity was a mistake. History didn’t stop when the mass media and the politicians adopted liberal values in the 80s and 90s. They’re not the values everyone agrees with. They’re not the ones I agree with. Cultures should actually have an objective standard, so they can survive. This is part of the reason religion kept cultures alive – it imposed standards that led to more structured lives. Religion imposed a belief in objectivity, in an absolute universal system, and thus posited the requirement that a person in that society lived up to that system. When a society lacks that, and everyone’s values clash significantly, you get modern America, divided across almost every possible line – religious, racial, cultural, economic. And the result is a divided and ‘weaker’ nation.

The post-modern assumption that nothing has any value, we make our own values, and so everything must be equally valid, from awful cultural practices to the idea that merit is not the most important factor in many contexts (hiring employees, selecting political candidates, granting scholarships), is utter bullshit. And everything else I believe stems from the combination of that fact with classical liberal values – freedom of speech, trade, movement, thought, and business.

If a business has a policy you disagree with – if they don’t support gay marriage or abortion – boycott it and spend your money and time elsewhere. That’s called capitalism, gang. But I’m straying from my point.

Trump’s focus on local business and on making America ‘Great’ is what’s important, even if he sucks at business, because his is a victory for the idea that America doesn’t need to be ashamed of itself for having a national identity. This is the country that was one of the first to give women the right to vote. They freed their slaves first. They were established on the most inclusive and fair principles possible – freedom of speech and conduct. Classical liberalism created the most powerful and prosperous country on the planet.

To be ashamed of that identity because some shitty lefty newspaper columnist has told you you’re a racist for not sharing his post-historical views and being as big a Hillary supporter as he is is completely stupid.

The Don’s focus on America and making it great is important even if he leaves the nation worse than he found it economically, because it means that the nation can finally have a discussion about their dwindling national pride. What kind of successful nation is filled with people who actively hate the place they live in? Look at all these disgusting, stupid Hollywood types, complaining about his presidency and pledging facetiously to leave the country – of course, none of them have booked tickets out. Criticism is necessary in any system, but the outright anti-American sentiment propagated by the left-wing politicians and the media is frightening considering they essentially controlled the culture – until Trump arrived.

Politics is downstream from culture (as so many intellectuals have said – most famously Andrew Breitbart) and when the culture is ashamed of itself, it’s only natural that the politicians it produces should be unwilling to work for the interests of their own nation.

That’s why, even if Trump doesn’t do anything, his election is a positive sign that the American people are willing to take pride in their nation despite what the New York Times and Washington Post continue to tell them.

I’ve read that a Trump presidency will only make excessive leftism in the media worse, and push western culture even closer to Marxism than before in yet another reactionary push – according to the historian Niall Ferguson. But I don’t really think that’s true. I think that this election, and Brexit, could be the start of a new political paradigm and the issues we discuss in politics from this point will change – because the culture itself has changed.

But this election result is a good thing in a general sense, because at the end of the day it shows that American citizens don’t wholly trust their official media and government and they’re capable of making real decisions. It’s good to see that America as a whole hasn’t fully abandoned its founding principles since 1776, the product of over four thousand years of recorded human history.

They’re free to elect a reality TV star if they want. No matter how badly it turns out, it’s a sign that the people have the power. Thank God.


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