Montaigne, Part I. On Knowing Others

To what extent can you ‘understand’ an author through their work? Continue reading


Expanded Universes, Exponential Popularity, Global Media

There’s a common complaint that modern film quality is tanking compared to the quality of films released in the past few decades. The cinemas are awash with sequels, universes, prequels, remakes, missing links, and excessive exercises in pandering for the sake of money grubbing. This is, of course, a major generalisation. Continue reading

What is ‘Worth Reading?’

Across time and space there have been hundreds of different standards about what is ‘worth reading’. Continue reading


A Short, Confusing, and Rambling Complaint About Universities

Lacking an interesting topic for this week, I’m gong to complain about academia in Australian university from a frustrated undergrad’s perspective.

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